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Newborn babies require more time than most to fit in feedings and Uh-ohs. They are best photographed between 5 and 7 days as this when they sleep the most and are still as flexible as they were in the tummy. I schedule 2-3 hours for each session to capture those beautiful newborn pictures although most end up requiring less time. To ensure they are photographed during this sweet but fleeting time, newborn photo sessions should be scheduled before the baby is born. Upon booking, additional information will be sent to you.


Your pregnancy pictures are a wonderful way to document the love for, relationship with, and life of your newborn baby before birth. As a maternity photographer, I suggest portraits around week 32 as this is when the belly is optimal. Several hours before your photo session, you should remove anything with elastic, such as a tight shirt, pants, socks, underwear or bra to prevent elastic or strap marks on your skin. Your hands are going to show in your maternity pictures so don't forget to have a manicure. I have many wraps and several clothing suggestions, which will be discussed during our consultation.


For babies 6 months up, outside settings tend to be the best as they allow children a more openness that is hard to achieve in a studio. With younger ones, I try to do a few poses but for the most part I just chase them around as they play. With older children, I like to spend a few moments in the beginning getting to know them. Children are so trusting and tend to let you see the real them if you get on their level. As for clothing, you're more than welcome to bring several outfits and change them. I suggest outfits that complement the child in some way (eyes, hair, skin tone, etc.). If there is something of his/her you would like to include in a picture (hats, fun skirts, blankets, etc.), please feel free to bring them. If siblings are photographed, I would not dress them in conflicting/clashing colors or patterns, as this will detract from the attention placed on them. I have several “WHAT TO WEAR” examples on my blog at and we will discuss this in greater detail during our telephone time.


Your desired final artwork is very important, which is why we begin our journey with a Design Consultation. During this 15-20 minute phone consultation, we will discuss your vision for the final images, clothing choices, location, and address any other questions you might have.

Approximately two weeks after your session, your proofs will be presented in a password-protected online gallery that can be shared with family and friends. The gallery will be available for 7 days from published date, at which time orders may be placed. There is a $30 fee to reactivate the gallery for two additional days.

Once your order is placed, it will take 2-3 weeks with specialty items taking up to 4 weeks. If you would prefer your order be mailed, a postage fee will be added. All unordered pictures will be discarded 45 days after the session. Prints ordered will be archived for one year from session date.

If someone in your family becomes ill, please call to reschedule your session. This ensures all family members are fully engaged in our time together and captured as themselves. For all other reasons, please reschedule at least 48 hours in advance.

***The prepaid session is good for 6 months from the appointment date.***